FAQ – What questions should a brand ask their agency?

A brand should ask all kinds of different questions of their experiential agency.

There’s so many different questions depending on the type of brand you are, whether you’re a B2B company or a B2C company.

So it could be as high level as, “How am I going to get ROI out of this program,” all the way down in the weeds to, “What kind of insurance does your agency carry?”

It could be, “How do you draw awareness to my brand when you’re out there in the field? Is it a vehicle mobile marketing tour? Is it a sampling program?”

“How do you track metrics?” is a really good question again, high level, because that’s where you want to start with a program.

You could ask, “How are you going to communicate with people or reach them? How are they going to understand what my brand is about?”

You could ask them, “How much does it cost?

Now, that’s a loaded question because there’s so many things that have to happen before you get to that question but, that’s a good question to ask at some point.

“What’s your communication process?”

Ask for references, that’s always a good place to start as well.