How to Slam Dunk Social Media Into Marketing Events

How to Slam Dunk Social Media Into Marketing EventsImagine that the Chicago Bulls said Michael Jordan was once again coming out of retirement — but this time he would suit up for only one game and, strangely, the game would not be televised. Further, and perhaps even stranger, there would be a strict “no social media” policy. The 20,000 people who were lucky enough to score tickets would have their smartphones confiscated at the door.

Limiting the majesty of this special occasion to only the folks in attendance would be a crime — yet, in a roundabout way, this is something too many event marketers are doing with their campaigns.

It’s not that they’re enforcing silly policies that outlaw tweets, snaps, and hashtags. They’re just not fully capitalizing on social media and seeing it for what it is: an engagement-driving element that can and should be leveraged during marketing events.

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