FAQ – What’s the Pro Motion difference?

Gosh, you know, there’s a lot of good agencies out there these days.

What I think makes us special is a number of things.

First of all, we have probably more experience than most agencies out there.

You know, we started back in 1995. A lot of agencies in our space are less than 10 years old. We’re obviously much older than 10 years old. So we have a vast amount of experience.

I also think our people are just awesome. they work really hard, they’ve got a lot of experience: a lot of senior people who have been in this industry for a long time and so they understand how to get a program developed, how to get in the field, how to make sure it’s the most successful it can be.

Another thing that we do that is different from most agencies: we’re not trying to be the biggest agency.

Our goal every day is to be the BEST agency. So we only work with ten clients at a time, and that’s kind of unusual for an agency.

Most agencies will take on any client they can get their hands on. They want to keep growing, you know.

There’s a lot of focus on the breadth of clients, and we’re really in the space where we’re more comfortable working with brands and clients who we WANT to work with, and who we really think we can build a great program and really have some fantastic results for.

So we turn down programs from different customers, just because we don’t either want to work with that brand, we don’t have excitement about that brand or industry, or quite frankly, we don’t have excitement working with that individual.

So by working with only ten clients at a time, we can really have a lot of senior staff working on the business and really focused on the business.

And you know, personally, I get to work on the business, too.

There’s only 10 clients, so, it kind of keeps me in our industry and it’s an industry that I love and have been in for a long long time.

So by only having ten clients, I can touch every single program that we’re working with, and I get really excited about that.

I think it adds a lot of value to the customers, too.