FAQ – What Does DOT Stand For?

When we talk about the regulations of the DOT, what do we mean?

DOT is an acronym for the Department of Transportation.

Our industry, just like a lot of industries that have vehicles, need to adhere to Department of Transportation, or DOT, guidelines and requirements.

We make sure that we’re in compliance on every program, every day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The DOT has certain requirements that say that people who drive a commercial vehicle have to have certain licenses.

Some vehicles have to stop at weigh stations.

There’s certain information you need to collect along the way, fuel permits and things of that nature.

Logbooks are really important to make sure we track what each driver is doing on a daily basis: when they’re working, when they’re not working…

So DOT really keeps all of us safe.

As long as everybody lives by the requirements and guidelines, everybody should be safe.

We’re constantly looking at log books and trip reports and things of that nature to make sure that we stay in compliance.