The PMI Values

rockWe work with our core values in mind on a daily basis. Pro Motion’s values have been in place since day one, and it is our top priority to make sure we hold ourselves to them. It isn’t our goal to be the biggest experiential marketing agency, but the best: and to achieve that, it is imperative to work in a way we can be proud of. Our values are the rock that supports our entire operation.

#1: Employees First, Always

Our first value is about taking care of the team. There’s a truism that “you can’t love someone fully until you love yourself.” That’s how we view our business. We can’t perform our best for each of our clients if we don’t perform our best with each other. Passionate, appreciated, and happy team members make for happy, appreciated, and passionate clients.

#2: Make It Happen

Our second value, “Make It Happen,” is our daily mantra. On Broadway they say, “The Show Must Go On.” We say Make It Happen! It is our job to make the impossible happen, and it is up to us to maintain high standards – no matter what the world throws at us.

#3: Work As A Team, Win As A Team

Our third value says a lot about the Pro Motion culture. We are all collaborative by nature, and if one of our team members is stuck (stuck for a word, stuck for an idea, or stuck on the side of the road), we rally together to help them become unstuck. When something amazing happens, we all celebrate together as a team. Everything we do is a team-thing!

#4: Reputation Before Revenue

Our fourth value is far more than just something we abide by in the workplace, it is basically a way of being. “Reputation Before Revenue” is, by all accounts, simply doing the right thing. At Pro Motion, our integrity insists that, above all else, we maintain the highest level of excellence and quality in our work, no matter the price tag.

#5: Commitment To Safety

Our fifth value is our most important value. Safety always comes first, and we pride ourselves on our in-depth employee training. We put all our Brand Ambassadors through the exact training our client’s employees get so we can ensure our team is 100% knowledgeable and prepared, with the product and with all the ways to prevent injury on the job.

Our five values tie in with each other harmoniously. They make sense. Each complements and augments the others. We believe in them so much that all our team members are authorized to make any decision necessary, as long as it is in line with all our values. If the values are kept, then there is no question. It is the right decision for the company.