Experiential Holidays…Who’s Doing it Right?

The holidays are a time of joy…a time of togetherness…a time of celebration and tradition…and a time of unparalleled consumerism.

Whatever one’s personal take on the latter, there’s no denying the fact of it.

But marketing during the holidays is a tricky task. Sure, it’s easy to put out a carpet bombing of radio and television commercials and post billboards and mailings, but do those things build your brand? Do those things create brand fanatics? Of course not. That’s where experiential marketing has the chance to shine.

But what type of activation should a brand do during the season of giving? What can you do that walks the line of warmth, joy, goodwill, schmaltziness, nostalgia, wonder, and product awareness without crossing over into some sort of predatory practices?  There are always activations that take place over the holidays, and the folks over at Decibel Management have put together a collection of activations that hit the mark.

Of course, one of the big winners is Coca-Cola. they’ve been delivering Christmas on a shiny red platter for the better part of a century. Check out their 2014 activation in Singapore:

What’s your brand doing to show consumers what you’re all about during the holidays?