For Small and Medium Businesses, Face-to-Face is Best

In their Marketing section on Tuesday (Oct 13), Elite Business Magazine (a UK publication) discussed study results of over 10,000 businesses, which revealed that face-to-face marketing was the most profitable form of marketing for 71% of them.

This pairs well with the 38% of entrepreneurs who cite “experiential” as their preferred method of gaining customers (in our experience, that’s face-to-face as well).

This information doesn’t discount traditional channels, but only 34% of polled businesses showed that print media gained them business, only 19% found customers via radio, and a slim 16% had any success with telemarketing.

These numbers speak volumes for our efforts in Street Teams, Event Marketing, and Mobile Marketing Tours, and we look forward to helping our clients reach these numbers as well!

Check out the original article here:

illustrated image credit: original picture from article at Elite Business Magazine

lemur photo credit: The eyes of the lemur… via photopin (license)