How does a brand connect (with) a family?

What do you do?

I have been at Pro Motion for over 18 years. When people I know (and don’t know) ask what I do, I say I work for an experiential marketing company. The next question is always, “what does that mean?” I usually say something like, “it means we design, develop, and activate programs that allow consumers to touch, taste, feel, see, understand, or try a client’s brand and to build deep emotional connections with the consumer and the brand.”

That’s fine for an elevator pitch, but to the everyday person, what I really mean to say is: “we bring brands to life in a face-to-face experience. We create ‘A-Ha!’ moments.”

I’ve spent the last 18 years developing and working on hundreds of exciting experiential programs, and I’ve gotten to watch thousands of consumers reach that “A-Ha!” moment…the instant when they get what the brand is all about.

It’s easiest and quickest when we’re doing a hands-on demonstration of a product or sampling food or beverages. You try/taste, you like, you buy. You can immediately see why these scissors are better than those, or why this beer is superior to that one. Even in those moments, though, we’re trying to build a connection with the audience. Something to last beyond the taste. Something to carry them past the demo.

How Does a BrandConnect (with)a Family-Family Matters

Building deep emotional connections is key in all areas of our lives, especially with family.

Most recently, we worked with a non-profit agency that educates families on the importance of play and the importance of family time. The program was a family-oriented festival that we activated across the country, inviting families to “come out and play.” They were encouraged to be silly, work as a team, spend time outside—to put their phones down and be engaged with their family.

At each event we activated, it was awesome to see how these families would come out (some even in costumes or matching outfits), let loose, and enjoy time together. It was so rewarding to watch the kids’ faces as they saw their dad or mom being silly and playing…being completely in the moment with them.

Connections are Rewarding

This program—like all of our other programs—was all about building deep emotional connections. But this time, we were able to focus on more than just the brand…our target was creating those connections within the families themselves.

We write a lot about how brands need connections to consumers and it is really gratifying to work on a program that was more focused on something much bigger than selling more stuff; this program was all about selling families on family time.

That is something the world needs more of for sure!

Does your brand drive deep emotional connections? Do you create “A-Ha!” moments? Tell us about it…or give us a call to chat.

photo credit: A Perfect Heart via photopin cc