ABC’s of Experiential Marketing (Part 2: G-L)

Welcome back, class! In our last session, we covered letters A-F in our ongoing blog, “The ABC’s of Experiential Marketing. This was merely the beginning, and today we forge ahead with:photo credit: <a href="">Leo Reynolds</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>

  • G is for Guerilla Marketing. What is that? Well, it’s not about warfare or primates. It’s about surprising and engaging your consumers with street teams without permission…or site fees. Find out more about guerilla marketing here.
  • H is for Hugs. Hugs!? Yes, hugs. Your agency should want the same thing as you: more engaged people thinking about your brand. When your agency is a trusted brand advisor, you’ve got a valuable extra arm for your marketing team. Is your agency a true partner for you and your brand? When someone aligns that well with you and your goals, the situation warrants more than just a handshake. Do you hug your agency contacts? Find out more about client hugs here.
  • I is for Integration. A fully integrated program is key for success. When planning your program, be sure to explore ways to integrate it across channels and platforms. What makes sense for your brand? Social media? PR? Content production? Advertising? Find out more about integration here.
  • J is for Justification. Every Brand’s Marketing Team needs to justify marketing dollars. Every piece of a plan needs this justification built in from day 1. How do you justify the use of these dollars on an Experiential Marketing Program? Show how the marketing spend will meet or exceed your goals and your Experiential Marketing budget will be justified. Find out more about justification here.
  • K is for Kick-A$$ Activation. How do you ensure your next Experiential Marketing program’s success? Set everything in place for an awesome activation. Excellent pre-production makes for painless production. From deciding upon your metrics, to planning the experience/engagement, to hiring the right Brand Ambassadors: from the first event to the last event, it is important to have a plan in place to bring your program to life. Find out more about kick-a$$ activations here.
  • L is for Location. Location, Location, Location. The real estate adage holds true for Experiential Marketing as well. Picking the proper location to take your mobile marketing tour, plan your event, or place your street teams is crucial to a successful program. Discover more about location here.

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photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc