6 Reasons B2B Mobile Trade Shows Deliver Results

ROI & B2B6 Reasons B2B Trade Shows Deliver Results

In the Experiential Marketing world, return on investment (ROI) continues to be an important discussion with new brands wanting to enter the field, especially B2B brands.

Thankfully, we have lots of experience in developing revenue positive programs.

In fact, I can’t remember any B2B program that didn’t provide a positive return on the investment.

Read that statement again…I’ll wait!

What, Exactly, Is a Mobile Trade Show?

A Mobile Trade Show is when you load up your products or service in a vehicle that fits your needs and travel across the country (or a specific region) putting on demonstrations and presentations around your brand in an effort to create an experience that shows your brand’s value to your customers.

The vehicle could be a truck, a motor coach, a tractor trailer or just about any vehicle, as long as it showcases your brand in its best way.

So, what makes the B2B programs so successful? What’s the secret sauce, the silver bullet?

Here’s our takeaway from almost 20 years of doing Experiential Marketing all over the country.

Top 6 Reasons B2B Mobile Trade Shows Deliver ResultsBus on Road

  1. You are different from the “status quo” trade show.

    Who enjoys going to a trade show? I didn’t ask who enjoys going to Vegas, I said the trade show.

    NO ONE!

    Trade shows still happen because everyone is afraid to stop doing them.

    Be different.

    Here’s an idea: Take your all in budget from just one trade show and do a mobile trade show.

    I know the results will be better than the normal trade show.

    Be the Non-Trade Show Brand.

  2. Your competition is no where to be seen.

    At a trade show, competition is all around you. At dinner, at the hotel bar and on the trade show floor. Bus in City

    With a mobile trade show tour, you are the only game in town, and you get to make your product the hero without any competitors around.

  3. Decision makers feel special.

    They feel special because you set an appointment when it is convenient for all of the decision makers, AND you come to their parking lot with lunch!

    Why wouldn’t they feel special?

    Time is money and you are saving them lots of time.

  4. Your products are in their natural environment.

    The vehicle you have chosen to display your products is transformed from its original state and set up perfectly to demonstrate your products. What’s more, it is set up perfectly for each customer and their needs.

    You have flexibility to make each client’s day special and set up just for them.

  5. Conversations move through the pipeline quicker. Meeting In Bus

    Our clients continue to talk to us about the quality of the conversations they have on a mobile trade show tour.

    They are getting all of the decision makers at once from their client to meet with the right people from their organization and the conversation moves fast through the decision cycle.

    One of our B2B Mobile Trade Show clients tells us the program “is like 6 touches” and that it “cuts the sales cycle in half.”

  6. The ROI is clean and transparent.

    With a B2B Mobile Trade Show, you know before the meeting begins where the customer is in the buying cycle.

    You know if you’ll get a purchase order on the spot or 30 days later, and you know whether the purchase was going to happen without the mobile trade show or if the mobile trade show drove the decision.

    One of our recent Mobile Trade Show Tours produced a respectable 300% ROI!

We are fortunate to have many clients who have been doing B2B Mobile Trade Shows for several years, and while their customer vertical may change each time (which customers to visit), the results and ROI continue to be quality.Bus in Building

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you to drive sales, pipeline and customer relationships, give us a call. We’d love to have the opportunity to show you how we are driving brands with mobile trade show tours.