ABC’s of Experiential Marketing (Part 1: A-F)

“ABC, easy as 123, ABC, 123, Baby You and Me!”

Now that you have that great song running through your head, let’s start our education process on:

the ABC’s of Experiential Marketing.ABC's of Experiential Marketing

  • A is for Attitude. Whether it’s on your outward-facing Brand Ambassadors or inside your own Marketing team, a great attitude goes a long way.When it comes to increasing your brand’s awareness and ROI, Experiential Marketing is another tool in your marketing tool box and…it’s fun!A great attitude is a must.
  • B is for Brand Ambassadors. Hiring and training professional and enthusiastic Brand Ambassadors is a key component to a successful experiential marketing program.
    Check out this article for more great info on Brand Ambassadors.
  • C is for Content. Ensure your program includes the ability to capture the content that can be used for your other marketing efforts.
    Find out more about Experiential Marketing and content creation right here.
  • D is for Demonstrate. Do you have a product that requires demonstration to sell it? A mobile vehicle tour is the way to go. Get your product into the hands of your consumers so they can test it out and experience it – it’s the “A-Ha!” moment you are looking for!
    What’s an “A-Ha!” moment? Look no further!
  • E is for Emotional Connection. Experiential marketing drives deep emotional connections with your consumers. They get to touch, taste, see, hear, and feel your product or service.You want to go to where your consumer lives, works, plays, and shops to continue the conversation that builds the deep emotional connection.
  • F is for Fanatics. Doesn’t everyone want Brand Fanatics?! Think about your favorite sports team or musical group; they have thousands or maybe even millions of fanatics.Fanatics spend a lot of their money on brands they love and Experiential Marketing creates Brand Fanatics.

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