To Do Event Marketing Or Not To Do Event Marketing?

To do Event Marketing or not to do Event Marketing? That is the question. Well at least it should be for every CMO, Marketing Fiskars EventManager or Brand Manager looking to bring your brand to your consumers!

We live in a fast paced world where everything moves at the touch of hand or the sound of voice. So why shouldn’t your marketing be the same way?  Let me explain first what Event Marketing is; by definition, Event Marketing would have you believe there is some kind of event, but is that it? I just looked up the definition and much to my surprise the first page of google sprouted this:

event marketing

Web definitions

The marketing discipline focused on face-to-face interaction via live events, trade shows and corporate meetings among other event types.

AH HA! (Please read my next blog about “AH HA” moments) The short answer is Event Marketing is face-to-face interactions. Putting your brand in front of a live audience, there is a novel idea!

Again, we live in a day and age where we have to have everything now, so why not have consumer’s interact with your brand personally and make a decision to become brand loyal on the spot.

Many of our clients, such as Fiskars, use Event Marketing to demonstrate their products superiority over competitors.  This is a powerful strategy when the consumer actually experiences the competitive difference of the Fiskar’s lawn and garden tools in the demonstration themselves, they experience an “AH HA” moment (again stay tuned for my next blog) and instantly consumers become believers and loyal consumers solely because they experienced the product at an Event.

Event Marketing is a key part in getting your brand to the masses where they are able to interact with your product or service; not just read about it or see it on a screen.  Events are like a live commercial, heck maybe more like a live info-commercial for your brand.

So the next time you are thinking about how you can bring your brand to life and create a memorable experience, do not forget about Event Marketing!