Event Marketing: What to measure.

When planning an Event Marketing program there are many things to think about.  One of the most important items on your list should be metrics and reporting. We encourage our clients to always start planning with the end in mind.   What are your goals and objectives and what metrics need to be captured during each event day?

Here is a place to start. Is your event B2C or B2B?  Are you demonstrating a product or service?  Do you want to hand out samples?  Is there a premium that fits well with your brand?

There are so many potential metrics to capture and below is a suggested list to get you started.
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Consumer Engagement

  • consumer attendance on the footprint
  • consumer interactions
  • consumer demonstrations
  • number and type of premiums
  • consumer comments
  •  consumer data capture

Retailer Training

  • sales associate attendance
  • interaction
  • demos
  • comments
  •  Track sales
  • coupon distribution
  • track merchandising or new displays

Brand awareness

  • social media
  • PR and media impressions
  • website traffic
  • content generation

Now, that your head is spinning, take some time with your Team and discuss your goals and objectives. Then, you can decide upon the right metrics to track and you will be ready to think about production, staffing, activation and so much more!   Or, just give us a call and we can help simplify all of this!

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