4 Reasons Your Street Team Program Isn’t Working

It seems like an easy concept. Find some good looking people to spread your message and hand out free stuff. It’s a no-brainer!!

The truth is if most companies did an effectiveness audit on their Street Team program, most would be very disappointed. Some companies think they can pull off a great campaign in-house and some think all they need is a cheap staffing agency to assist them. Throughout our years of experience we have found a list of things that usually go wrong with a street team program:


  • 1. Your people aren’t worth a hoot

We say it time and time again: “People make programs great”. You need your Brand Ambassadors to be rock stars. Take the time to recruit and train properly and in the end, with people, you get what you pay for.

2. You are at the wrong places

Overall you want to make sure your Street Teams are where the people are. However, if you don’t do your homework you will end up talking to the wrong demographic. Your brand has a target audience so do your research and find places to take your program that will get you the biggest bang for your buck.

3. Your team is set up for failure

What are your goals? What is important about your product? How should it be demonstrated? There are a lot of ways to logistically hurt your results. With Street Teams there may not be only one right way to do things, but there absolutely are wrong ways. Don’t spend a lot of time and money on a program that isn’t executed properly. Once you get your Brand Ambassadors face to face, make sure they are loaded with the right message and the right tools to demo your product correctly.

4. Your goals aren’t right

We hear it all the time: “Experiential marketing is too hard to measure”. That statement is not only false, it’s absurd. This is your crucial step. Make sure you know exactly what you want to get out of your program. If you are unclear or unsure, you will end up at the end of your program with a lot of information that means nothing to you or your boss.

Street teams executed correctly can put you on the fast track to success and promotion. Unless you are truly comfortable with the process, make sure you partner with the correct agency. People like us are here to make you look good!


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