5 Reasons to Add Event Marketing to Your Marketing Plan

Event Marketing is a great strategy to connect with your consumers.  But, you are asking yourself, why should I put Event Marketing into my marketing plan?  It may seem like a lot of work and since ROI is so important, how do you measure it?  There are a lot of good reasons to create an Event Marketing activity and the number one reason is to build your brand!    

Now, more than ever, marketing departments have goals that must be met in order to keep their marketing budgets and ROI is a necessity.  We love the saying, “what gets measured, gets funded” and here’s a great article on ROI:  Experiential Marketing by the Numbers

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Besides ROI, there are a number of other reasons why you should consider Event Marketing as part of your marketing dollar spend and they all center around building your brand.

  • To reconnect with your consumers:   Having a connection with your customers is imperative in building your brand.  The deeper the connection the more loyalty you will derive and the better lifetime value you will get from that customer.  Events that are designed to attract and retain your target audience or best customers provide the necessary connection every brand needs.  Strive for an emotional connection and you’ll have a friend for life!
  • To drive trial and awareness:  You have this great brand that creates this “ah ha” moment every time someone experiences it.  Telling your story in a fun and memorable experience will drive purchase intent.  If you have a product that can be consumed, sample it.  If your product is better understood with a demonstration, demo it.  Allowing customers to experience your product before they purchase it turns triers into buyers.
  • Extend the reach of an integrated program:  Every integrated program should consider how to bring the brand and the program to life with a well planned event to extend the reach of the program.  A great way to garner millions of media impressions without spending a lot of money on advertising is to design an event that will attract the media.
  • Tell your brand’s story in a live environment  Design a special event that becomes a destination to show off your new product.  Make it exciting and exclusive and provide a reason for your consumer to stop by your event to sample and potentially purchase your new product.  Give them a reason to continue the conversation with their friends via social media and word-of-mouth.
  • Build trade relationships:  In a B2B environment, Event Marketing is a great way to build trade relationships.  By having a VIP area within a larger event or customizing an event to the interests of your trade partners is a great way to build relationships and show your appreciation for your business relationship.

Event Marketing is a proven way to build your brand.  Thousands of brands take advantage of this strategy with sponsorships and customized events.  If you are looking to engage your customers,  Event Marketing is a great way to drive relationships and drive your brand’s sales.