Word of Mouth Can Be Remarkable

Every brand strives for word of mouth from consumers and not just any word of mouth, I’m talking  word of mouth so positive that the message becomes a referral and changes behavior.  I mean like the type of loyalty Disney, Titleist, Jeep and Samsung enjoy.

Each one of these brands became mega brands by creating remarkable experiences.  Each brand spends a large percentage of their budgets in broadcast media, social media and in the experiential marketing industry creating deep emotional connections that their consumers share with friends and family.   Each brand converts new customers more efficiently (time and money) than its competitors and their consumers purchase their products more over their lifetimes than their competitor’s products.

We believe all these brands have vitality; we call it the Brand Vitality Experience®.  With Brand Vitality, your brand becomes part of the consumer’s life and the consumer is so loyal and ‘preaches the gospel’ of the brand to all who will listen.  This word of mouth is worth millions of dollars every year.

Ironically, the experience that sets them apart is built into their product.  Disney has developed a Disney-like experience as a metaphor for great experience.  Jeep has “It’s a Jeep Thing…” Titleist has so much loyalty that many golfers would never hit any other ball.   That type of loyalty is priceless and every brand in the marketplace strives for that type of vitality.

So, how does your brand become Disney-like?  First, let’s assume you have a great product.  Now, develop a remarkable experience so consumers talk about your product, share your social media and videos and be sure to develop an infield experiential marketing plan so you can bring your product to life.  That is the formula Duck Tape® has developed over the past few years and this brand has vitality, consumer loyalty, word of mouth and sales are hot.

Be honest with yourself.  Does your brand have vitality?  Let us know if your brand has vitality or if you’d like to learn more about how we can help your brand get it.