Pop-Up Shop – Your Team Can Be the Key to your Success!

A Pop-Up Shop has been planned as your next experiential marketing campaign for your brand.  You have decided upon the theme, the date(s), location, and your ROI metrics.  Now it’s time to choose the Team that will be develop, produce and activate your Pop-Up Shop.   Whether you are staffing from within your organization or outsourcing to an experiential marketing agency partner, the Team roles should be the same.

Planning and Production Team – This team will be made up of people with experience putting on special events or shows.  They will need expertise in not only, permitting and logistics, but sound, lighting, layout, and many other items. 

  • Retail Team– Since you have a Pop-Up Shop, there is an assumption that sales will be part of this special event.  Making sure you have an experienced retail team in place will make your life easier from setting up the displays to preparing the registers to running the floor once the Pop-Up Shop is open.
  • Brand Ambassadors – The face of your brand!  Making sure they are fully trained and immersed with your product will enhance the engagement at your Pop-Up Shop.  Whether the brand ambassadors are from your internal team or provided byexperiential marketing agency, this group is the front line.
  • Street Team – Need to draw attention to your Pop-Up Shop?  Having a Street Team walking around the area of your Pop-Up Shop engaging consumers, inviting them to the location, promoting your brand and maybe even participating in some type of stunt is sure to bring additional traffic to the Pop-Up Shop.
  • PR and Social Media Team – Want more traffic?  Get your PR and Social Media Team on board as well.  Have a media day/night, invite media to join (locally or out of town), post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – event set-up a Foursquare location for check-ins.  Whatever it takes get the PR machine churning.

Remember, the Team you put in place becomes the face of your brand – whether they are behind the scenes or engaging consumers face-to-face.  If you need additional help with Team roles or staffing, we are here to help – give us a call!