Why our Brand Ambassadors Become Your Sales Staff

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 11.22.42 AMIn the experiential marketing world, the reason face to face interaction works is because of the great people that drive the brand’s message. Brand Ambassadors will make or break your campaign. An agency can come up with the coolest event ever thought of but if the Brand Ambassadors are not engaging then the experience will be lost. Our industry is built upon hiring the right brand ambassadors, which is why we pride ourselves here at Pro Motion in hiring the best brand ambassadors and training them to be even better.

Most job descriptions for an open Brand Ambassadorposition will use words like energetic, outgoing, and fun. All of these qualities are important but I believe you can find more pertinent professional qualities in a job description for a Sales position. Brand Ambassadors should be driven, and self-motivated, I want them to have great communication skills and a willingness to learn. Most importantly I know my clients want these qualities as well.

There is a benefit that is often forgotten when a brand is considering incorporatingexperiential marketingbrand ambassadors can become an extension of your sales staff. Often times our Brand Ambassadors get hired by our clients after a mobile marketing tour because they know your brand better than anyone you will interview. We spend a large amount of time training them to understand your brand inside and out and then they spend a great deal of time on the road interacting with your customers and learning what is important to them. One of our goals is to find Brand Ambassadors that our clients will want to hire after a campaign is over, and that’s just one of many details that make our agency unique. We want to hire the best and train them to become a staff that you would dream of having on your team.

So as you are considering incorporating Experiential Marketing, never underestimate how valuable great Brand Ambassadors could be not only throughout the campaign but after as part of your sales team!