Top 5 in Experiential Tech: Social Media

Data capture 6One of the basic if not fundamental elements of experiential marketing is interacting with your consumers or customers. Most marketers get this, yet also find this to be a most daunting prospect. Luckily the 21st century has brought with it a slew of new social media technologies to help us overcome the gap between talking at your consumers and talking with them. While designing experiential campaigns we take weeks, (sometimes months) painstakingly architecting an experience that lets consumers interact with a brand as if they were having a conversation. We have learned that one of the crucial methods for achieving this element is incorporating social media.

Here are the Top 5 Social Media Sites and Apps (WARNING: Internet Required) to create, develop, and continue conversations making lasting impressions and generating great feedback and metrics.

1. Twitter: From sharing upcoming events, to responding to attendee questions comments or photos, twitter is great for all event marketers. It’s quick, fun and hassle free to get messages out there that make a difference (in 160 characters or less).

2. Facebook: The behemoth network practically mandates your attention. With facebook you are able to target your pre-promotion to specific demographics or locations making it even easier to reach your relevant consumers. Encouraging your attendees to “like” your events or your company then expands your reach exponentially, by getting the attention of their friends. Keep an eye on your stream and you can’t go wrong.

3. Instagram: This photo-sharing app is great for events because it allows your followers to visualize your events even if they can’t attend. When interacting here you can capitalize on the consumers who don’t care about the words but just want to see your brand come to life.

4. Fourquare: Setting up a location on fourquare can gamify any experience. Encourage check-ins reward your mayor, and have some fun with the fact that your experience could be anywhere at any given moment and using a service like foursquare with real-time geo-location sharing can make a huge impact at your events.

5. Reddit gets more than 35 million unique visitors per month and attracts the attention of celebrities, journalists and geeky college students alike. Thousands of postings for funny, tragic, and simply entertaining web clips flood this site and this content starts sometimes amazing forum style conversations. While navigating the site it may seem complicated, but Reddit can be a goldmine for generating insights, and viral attention for your events and marketing efforts.

What are you doing to stand out, or make a meaningful connection with your brand consumers? Tackling this can be as easy as a cute photo, or a sincere follow-up tweet. Whatever your style, sharing on the web can take your events from bland to brilliant in just a few taps or clicks.


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