Questions to Consider When Planning an Experiential Retail Tour

Blog - Questions to Consider When Planning an Experiential Retail TourRetail tours are a great experiential marketing tool.  Also called, retailtainment, a retail tour brings your product to life at the point of purchase for your consumers.

An experiential retail tour provides the opportunity for a consumer to try it before they buy it.  Having a program at retail locations will increase sales as consumers have the immediate opportunity to purchase what they just touched, tasted, smelled, saw, heard or tried out…you get it.

For an experiential retail tour to be successful, you need to consider some important factors when you are planning your experiential marketing program.

  • What is your plan?
    • Where will you take the tour?  Where are the best locations?
    • What will the weather be like?  What time of year will the retail tour be activated?
    • Will the program be activated on weekdays, weekends or both?
  • What are your goals for the program?
    • Sales?
    • Touches?
    • Coupons distributed?
    • Premiums distributed?
  • What is the consumer experience?
    • Sampling?
    • Games?
    • Premiums?
    • Sweepstakes?
    • Coupons?
    • Other interactive experiences?
  • Where is the consumer experience?
    • Set-up inside?  What is the best location?
    • Set-up outside? What is the best location?
  • Who is your Activation Team?
    • What is your brand’s demographic?
    • Are your Brand Ambassadors a fit for your brand?
    • How much training do you provide your Brand Ambassadors?
  • What is your communication plan with the retailer?
    • What is the process/plan for internal communication with the retailer?
    • How will the retailer communication with store employees?
  • What is the PR and pre-event communication plan?
    • What are the PR opportunities?
    • What type of pre-event communication will happen?  In-store?  Use of social media?

Check back for future blogs in this series as we cover each of these topics in greater detail.

If you need help answering these and other questions, give us a call, we have experience with many retail programs and would love to help you build deep emotional connections with your consumers!