How to Improve Integrated Marketing Service and Get Client Hugs

Integrated marketing, experiential marketing, event marketing, digital marketing, street team marketing….what do these industries have to do with hugging?  Check out why hugs are important in the following blog and then check out below for 10 ways to get more hugs!
Has Your Experiential Marketing Agency Hugged You Lately?

  1. Over-communicate – whether it’s email, a quick phone call, or face-to-face – always stay in touch with your client so there are no surprises.
  2. Exceed your client’s expectations – when you learn your client’s goals and objectives, always strive to exceed those expectations – even if it is submitting something before a deadline.
  3. Provide results – experiential marketing programs are based upon results, make sure the strategy you design for you clients provides the desired results.
  4. Stay within or under budget – under budget?  Yep, that’s what I said – managing your client’s budget like it’s your own will surely get you lots of hugs.
  5. Be proactive – as an account manager it is your job to think about your client’s brand, even when they are not.
  6. Provide a great staff – brand ambassadors are an extension of you and your client’s brand, ensure you are providing the best team and training. 90% of the Success of Experiential Marketing is from Team Training
  7. Become a trusted advisor – be the one your client calls just to bounce ideas off of someone
  8. Become a thought leader – Provide suggestions for ways to improve the program and better integrate into the overall marketing plan
  9. Become an expert – Learn everything you can about your client’s industry.  Research trends, competitors and consumer behavior to provide better service to your client.
  10. Have fun!