Long Live Experiential Marketing!

My battle cry goes out to experiential marketers everywhere – even my competitors. You see, when the recession hit, we felt it the most. Sure, every sector out there felt the sting of budget cuts, job loss and the general fear that resulted in Brand Managers everywhere slamming on the brakes and playing conservatively in order to keep their jobs by avoiding mistakes caused by risk (sorry for the tangent there). But in the marketing world, our budgets get cut first because experiential marketing is most “not like the others”.

And that’s exactly why it works.

Every experiential marketing campaign has the potential to be different because our canvas is, well, the world in which we live. In the experiential marketing creative process, there is no such thing as a template. As a result, experiential marketing campaigns possess a memorability that is unparalleled by any other marketing medium. It stands to reason, then, that as budgets are coming back, Brand Managers are excited to spend again on experiential marketing.

And that’s exactly what we are seeing.

In the 4th quarter, as most budgets are being allocated for 2012, we have had more past clients – Brand/Marketing Managers that have spent the last couple years playing it conservatively with their traditional marketing campaigns – pick up their phones, excited to have money to once again spend on experiential marketing. This time around they’re cautious, asking for more tangible results to show their CMO’s.

And that’s exactly what we have been preparing for over the past couple years.

Our clients are coming back to a more efficient and more effective industry – experiential agencies complete with integration techniques and far superior technology. This isn’t your father’s experiential marketing industry. It’s smarter, more strategic and much more ROI-friendly.  And we’re so confident in our efforts that we offer a guarantee on the activation!

And that’s exactly why experiential marketing is here to stay.