4 Steps to Ensure the Best On-Premise Promotion

Blog - 4 Steps for On-PremiseYou’ve hired a great team and provided them with training on everything they need to know to activate the on-premise sampling promotion; what’s next? Here are some additional things that will set you up for success and will make you look like a Rock Star to your boss!

As a recap in case you missed it…

  1. Pre-Planning
  2. Hire a Great Team – Great Brand Ambassadors hired and trained
  3. Pre-promotion
    • Work with your on-premise locator for pre-promotion, at least one call prior to the event
  4. Communication
    • Working closely with all parties is key. From Brand Manager to wholesaler, to on-premise manager, to wait staff, to Brand Ambassadors—communicate!

Let’s recap, for a great on-premise experiential marketing event: Pre-plan, team, pre-promote and communicate. Now you are ready to activate!