5 Tips to Maximize Effectiveness of Lottery Field Marketing Promotions

blog - 5 tips for lottery promotionsThe odds are… good? Well they are if you are calculating the chance that you will encounter some unexpected factors during your Lottery field marketing promotion activation.

In our previous Lottery blog, 7 Tips to Manage a Lottery Field Marketing Promotion, we outlined the first steps needed to prepare for an experiential marketingprogram for a Lottery. Even after you have secured the most talented and prepared team complete with excellent activation and location prep these factors will continue to demand attention.

Through our first person experiences producing Lottery promotions in varying environments and markets, we have learned a number of exceptionally valuable ideas, philosophies, practices, and tools to help facilitate the most effective event possible.

  1. Get the word out!  
    • Properly advertising in advance, the ability to utilize venue-wide announcements and the offering of additional incentives (such asCash Free Play Vouchers at casino locations) will draw additional attention and will help in achieving a great turnout.
  2. Make it easy for your customers! 
    • Often times, Lottery promotions require a product (ticket) purchase. These ticket sales are much easier to facilitate if the retailer is positioned directly next to the footprint. This will increase the level of participation by those simply passing by and will ultimately drive sales.
  3. Know where you are!
    • Location within a venue is very important. An in-person scout of the venue will allow the team to secure the best location available and facilitate a faster and more efficient load-in process.
    • Even in a busy venue, if the setup is away from the central hub of a location, traffic will be slow. Providing collateral for Brand Ambassadors to distribute throughout the venue helps drive traffic to the event footprint.
  4. Know your venue’s traffic patterns and schedules!
    • Position your footprint where it will receive the most attention.
    • For example, traffic increases after 5 pm in most casinos and after 1:00 pm in most malls. The ability to locate the event set-up on or within eyeshot of the gaming floor or food court increases the level of curiosity driven participants.

Follow these tips to help maximize the effectiveness and ROI for your next Lottery field marketing promotion.