20 Great Places to Activate Guerilla Marketing

Blog - Places to use guerilla marketing“DO YOU HAVE A PERMIT?  ARE YOU A PAID SPONSOR?”  Does that sound familiar?  In the world of field marketing, guerilla events can be activated any place at any time. Since we have already covered the pros and cons of guerilla vs. permission based sampling we wanted to share some thought starters for great places to engage consumers with guerilla marketing.  As one great Account Manager said, “We will go just about anywhere we have success as long as it’s within our client’s demographic.”

Below are a few places we have had success engaging clients with guerilla marketing.

  1. Major and Minor Sporting events – entrance and exit sampling
  2. Commuter stations
  3. Fairs and festivals – parking lots and surrounding areas
  4. Shopping centers – parking lots in front of retail
  5. Business parks
  6. Concert venues
  7. Parades
  8. Downtown or city centers
  9. Special events
  10. Retail – inside store
  11. Gyms
  12. Salons and spas
  13. Tailgating
  14. Public parks
  15. Tourist attractions
  16. Public beaches
  17. College campuses
  18. Walks/races or non-profit events
  19. Farmer’s markets
  20. Outdoor shopping districts

Use this list to help you get started when planning your next guerilla marketing campaign.  It is important to keep your target demographic in mind when planning your events.  Where will you find them and when will they be receptive to your Brand Ambassadors.

Tell us where you have had success with guerilla marketing.

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