13 Questions to Consider When Planning an On-Premise Sampling Program

Blog - Bar PromotionsPlanning an on-premise sampling event?  You will need to be prepared to ensure great results.  Here are some questions to review with your experiential marketing agency prior to kicking off your sampling program.

  1. Product – What should I sample? New product launch? Remind consumers about a certain product?
  2. Size of Sample – What size sample should be provided?  Small taste?  Full bottle?  What are the legal restrictions of sample size?
  3. Schedule – When is the best time of the year?  Best time of the day? Weekends?  Weekdays? Happy Hour?  Late night?
  4. Locations – What are the best bar locations?  Small, local bars? Large chains? Restaurant/Bars?
  5. Contacts – Who needs to be contacted prior to our event?  Wholesaler? On-premise manager?
  6. Trade Spending – Who is responsible for trade spending?  What is the plan?  What are the legalities in your city, county, and/or state?
  7. Brand Ambassadors – What type of samplers should be hired? Small or large teams? Male/Female or same sex teams?
  8. Uniforms – What should the Brand Ambassadors wear? Or, what not to wear?
  9. Premiums – Should we distribute premiums?  What are the legal restrictions in regards to the types of premiums?
  10. Signage – Will there be additional signage or pre-promotion for the event(s)?
  11. Interaction – What it the interaction?  Education and awareness?  Games?   Sweepstakes?
  12. Training – What type of training is required?  Who will train the Brand Ambassadors?  Who will train the bar and wait staff?
  13. Results – How will you measure the success of your sampling program?  Will you measure sales while on-site?  Measure sales after the on-premise promotion?

There are many important factors to consider when planning an on-premise sampling program. Be sure to keep program objectives in mind as you are answering the above questions to ensure that your program is a success!

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