5 Consumer Advantages to an Experiential Marketing Sampling Program

Many marketers wonder why they should add the expense of offering free product samples to someone who might never buy their product.  Below we outline 5 reasons why product sampling is effective and how this can lead to more confident and loyal consumers by providing a betterbrand experience.

  1. Sampling provides potential purchasers with a low risk opportunity to test reactions to new products. If you believe and trust in your brand or service give consumers the chance to see how it will benefit them. Set up an experiential marketing program and watch your buyer’s reaction.
  2. Sampling projects brand confidence. If you allow pre-purchase product testing then you are telling your consumer, “Go ahead and experience my brand before you spend any money at all.” This is the epitome of brand experience leading to brand confidence and trust.
  3. Sampling allows consumers to compare your product to competitors. People are always wondering, “How does this compare to other products in the same category?” Prove that yours is the best.
  4. Sampling provides options. Give consumers a chance to try different flavors, formulas and packaging by offering options from your full product line.
  5. Sampling eliminates buyer regret which helps develop a long term consumer. Buyers had every option to sample, compare and test. Your consumer will never have to wonder if they made the best decision for purchase.

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