Training Tips for Sampling Your Food or Beverage to Consumers

Blog - Risk Management - Training Tips for Sampling Food or BeverageWhen you are thinking about working with an experiential marketing agency on a food or beverage sampling program, remember there are extra steps involved during training.  There are food and beverage safe-handling tips and processes to follow when sampling alcoholic beverage.  This additional training will provide protection for you, your brand, your consumers and the agency.
The experiential agency should have knowledge of these types of processes and provide training and or certification to the Brand Ambassadors prior to the program’s first event.

Food and Beverage Sampling Certification

  • ServSafe is an example of a great educational program that provides in-depth training on proper food and beverage handling procedures.   Each Brand Ambassador would be trained and then must pass a test for their certification.  This certification is a great resource as it can be used in many cites to obtain health permits for sampling.
  • TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures) Training is an example of processes and education to have prior to sampling beverages at off and on-premise locations.  Some examples of training include learning how to stop illegal ID’s and the signs that someone has been over-served and should not be provided a sample.

Both of these examples of training certifications are important for risk management in anyexperiential marketing program involving sampling of food or beverages and should be standard operating procedures for any agency.

What special training programs do you use for your Brand Ambassadors?  Let me know in the comments.

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