Top 5 Benefits of B to B Mobile Tours

Landing - HP Exstream Results - HP HeadquartersB to B Mobile Tour is one way to drive relationships and sales in today’s economy.  We have experienced many customers don’t have time or the travel budget to visit our client’s headquarters, production facilities or even industry trade shows.  Our experience shows that when marketers bring their products and people directly to their customers via a Mobile Tour or Mobile Experiential Road Show not only do they get decision makers to attend; they also get decision makers to buy.

Top 5 Benefits to developing a mobile trade show directly to your customers:

  1. No competitors to detract from your messaging
  2. No clutter from other messaging and distractions
  3. Ability to get key decision makers to participate
  4. Ability to fully experience your products or services
  5. Opportunity to create buzz throughout their organization
  6. Bonus – Ability to track sales results immediately

For an example, see the successful HP Exstream Results Mobile Tour managed by Pro Motion.