10 Tips to Ensure a Successful Street Team Activation

Blog-10 Tips to Ensure a Successful Street Team ActivationFor successful implementation of a street team activation it is important to keep the program objectives in mind when you are developing the consumer engagement.  Think about what is important to your target consumers and how you can create a positive impression.  Below are 10 things to consider with your street teamconsumer engagement:

  1. Plan everything with the end result in mind
  2. Integrate your street team campaign with your other experiential marketing efforts
  3. Engage consumers in a place and during a time when they are receptive
  4. Provide something of value to engage consumers, e.g.,  games, premiums, coupons, sweepstakes, etc.
  5. If possible provide a product sample or trial
  6. Distribute coupons to incent future and repeat purchase
  7. Make it easy for consumers to share their experience with friends and family
  8. Think about all of the senses when engaging consumers (sight, sound, taste, smell and feel)
  9. Remember to extend the reach of street teams through social media efforts
  10. Bring your brand’s personality to life and build a brand experiencethat your consumers will remember!